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Everything you need for your daily transactions, communication, and connection can be found on your phone. It holds your banking apps, emails, contacts, passwords, account information, social media, and more.

That’s why fraudsters attempt to hack into your phone or steal it from you. They can take over your apps and accounts, and ultimately steal your money.

If you lose your phone, act fast and do the following:

  1. Disable your phone remotely through the “Lost Phone or Lock” feature
  2. Inform your bank to disable your mobile banking accounts/access
  3. Check your account activity and report transactions you didn’t make to your bank
  4. Call your telco and request to block your number to prevent it from receiving OTPs
  5. Change the passwords to your apps, accounts, emails, and social media

As added measures, passcode-protect your phone, and NEVER autosave your usernames and passwords on your phone’s apps. You should also avoid saving a file or list of your login details and personal information for your banking and non-banking accounts. So in case your phone falls in the wrong hands, you’re theft proof.

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